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I have never needed anything for my companions, I have never needed something off spec, I have never needed crafting materials. All my companions are Rakata or above. I have off spec rakata/bh gear fully optimized on my dps companion and I have about 20 Biometric Crystal Alloy in my cargo hold and have put at least that many I have put in the guild bank plus I have used more than a few on crafting. You don't have to be a greedy jerk to get gear in this game as a matter of fact, I have geared up faster because people have helped me get gear because I have helped them first. My alt Jedi knight already has mods, enhancements, implants and ear and armor for full rakata and above and she is only level 30. People have been mailing me stuff because they know I will use her and continue to use my sawbones to get them more gear.
can i hang out with you and your friend sometime
but really, you and your friends sound like really great players, love the way your so thoughtful of the others, enough to MAIL RAKATA GEAR to each others alts, thats awsome, also this post makes me feel bad i took tionese gear for my jaesa

EDIT: i did ask the group beforehand tho.
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