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I've played to game for about half a year dude. It isn't all new to me, this was on my alt. And up until lately, the need stuff wasn't a big deal. And companions are a personal need to me. Douche or not, I need to keep them gear'd to don't I? Yes, I do. I already said thanks for the insight on the matter, but to each his own. I'mma do things my way, you go ahead and be the selfless, righteous person you are portraying. Thats your thing not mine. But I want my companions to be up there just as good as me. I'm not gonna pass on ORANGE gear that they can use. Thats just dumb.

I got a guild to do end-game with, and I'm friends with them so I'm not going to need something if they can use it faster, or whatever before I can. But as far as randoms in group finder are concerned, especially on sub-50 I gotta do what I gotta do to get gear. I'm not upset that they got upset, I just think its a little ridiculous for them to get upset that I needed it, even though they won the roll
i have a "friend" just like you.......and i hate his guts,
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