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So I'm only at level 11 as an Imperial Agent and I'm new to MMO's...I'm enjoying playing the game solo and going through the story but I definitely want to be able to team up at some point so I can attempt Flashpoint missions and Heroic missions (not so much PvP at this point). It seems like a Guild would be the easiest way to achieve this. However Guild's seem to be groups of die-hard players and it all sounds very strict and intimidating to be in one. (and tough to even get into one)..Or maybe you just need to find the right Guild? (Also do Guilds normally only accept players that are already lvl 50?)

Unfortunately I can't form my own Guild because none of my mate's are into the game. (I know, bit of a loner! haha)

So anyone got any advice on this topic?
fyi I'm an East Coast U.S. based player.
Go to

Select the server you play on

Near the top there will be a link to Guild recruitment, select, find guild, be happy, kill - kill - kill