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11.21.2012 , 10:11 AM | #17
Bump for justice. Although half of these changes are not exactly what we need, we definitely demand attention this patch, nothing less will be accepted. If we go another patch without viable and adequate changes, I'm done and unsubed permanently. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

20-30m Jetpack ablity, either targeted or backwards from out current point.

Castable while moving full auto.

Reliable way to proc Sweltering heat snare.

Reduced cooldown on our knockback concussive charge down to 15 seconds again, this nerf did not make sense.

Increase charged barrier damage reduction back to 2% per point, this change also did not make sense. We're a heavy armor class, let us actually have the damage mitigation heavy armor demands.

Keep the knockback in addition with the snare of Concussive force, giving a RANGED class a 4m snare is just plain counterproductive, at least make it worthwhile using and a real game changer. Drastically reduce resolve produced from knockback.

These are a few of the less intrusive changes the Mando/Merc Community has been suggesting for months and to be honest I still think we need more to be ranked viable. If nothing is done in 1.6 the extinction of Mando/Mercs is absolute.