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11.21.2012 , 09:54 AM | #256
I'd say it really depends.

For a Classic Star Wars saga thing Play a jedi knight. It has so many things alike later in your story. I will not spoil besides that.

As for being independent and taking orders from nobody go bountyhunter or smuggler.

Trooper Isnt as bad as most say it is but it isnt very good.

Being a sith warrior you get funny lines but it sucks getting bossed around for all stage 1-2

Sith inquisitor gives the "Plotting apprentice" feel if you hate you boss.

Counsler is pretty good and you have a nice feel and aptitude with force powers.

My personal Favorite was the agent. Agents are the one class that can crouch behind cover or roll acrossed a room to get to cover. As an agent you get the total stealthy agent feel. The story you go undercover alot some assassination, Treachery, At the end a huge decision.

Well hve fun with what you do!