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Ah, thanks for clearing that !! But here's the thing: I was the only one in the group who "needed" it cause the other guys don't use Willpower, so it's useless to them.

I can't RE it cause I used an alt with a different crafting skill than the loot.
I can't even put it on one of my companions.

What else can I do with it? Sell it for 3500 credits to a vendor? (that's the price he's giving me)
Is there another option that I'm not seeing?
If it's a moddable item, you can extract the mods, and then:
- put them in some piece of your gear that may have outdated mods
- put them in your companion's gear - the Enhancement at least does not have primary stat, so it's more likely that someone on your crew can use it
- if you have, or plan to have, another level 50 Willpower user (or character with a Willpower-using companion), you can get a Legacy bound piece of gear, put the mods in it, and mail it to your other character - even though the mods are bound to you, the BoL piece of gear seems to override this.

If none of the above is true, then yeah, you cna only sell it to a vendor. 3500 cred isn't a lot, but every bit helps.