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11.21.2012 , 04:11 AM | #3
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you have 2 hours to exchange it with someone in your group who was also there when the item dropped.

The timer was put in place for people who by accident roll on an item and win it over someone else who really needed it. So now you can trade it back to the other person.
Ah, thanks for clearing that !! But here's the thing: I was the only one in the group who "needed" it cause the other guys don't use Willpower, so it's useless to them.

I can't RE it cause I used an alt with a different crafting skill than the loot.
I can't even put it on one of my companions.

What else can I do with it? Sell it for 3500 credits to a vendor? (that's the price he's giving me)
Is there another option that I'm not seeing?