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I thought it was pretty standard for groups to do this. For Hardmode Flashpoints, you want to get in and out as quick as you can, so just having the healer heal along the way is the easiest. Its not for all players i guess, but playing an agent healer i find its just really easy to heal as people run along.
There is a difference between speed running and crippling your groups chances. If your entire group jumps into a group of mobs when they are at 50% health and resources you are stressing the crap out of that healer and the group will wipe. It will wind up taking more time then
I don't care who you are. I don't care if you are male, or female, black, or white, gay, or straight, religious, or non-religious, old or young. I care about 3 things. Can you tank properly? Can you DPS properly? Can you heal properly?