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Clearly you do not understand how this would impact both aspects of the spectrum (for Arsenal) negatively. Some of those are nerfs for PvE yet clearly a buff for PvP. Not only that, you are wanting your arsenal to have the ability to NOT be able to be locked down which is poor planning. Yes, mercs need a buff of some sort for mobility in PvP, but not to the extent of making them spamming Tracer Missiles while strafing.

Lets just pick at the Tracer Missile becoming instant but doing 15% less damage.

The GCD on instants is 1.5sec. With a cast, your GCD reflects the cast time. Therefore, my 1.4s Tracer (with CR up) will be able to be spammed every 1.4s without a damage reduction.

You are saying to increase the time inbetween Tracers by .1s and reduce the damage by 15%.

I will add I do agree with the Heatseeker buff. It does little damage for our end tier ability.
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