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The market takes care of that via supply/demand. People will only pay listing prices they are willing to pay. Listing deposit has zero factor from the purchasers perspective.

The only people I am aware of that don't like this change are people trying to undercut other listers by a small amount on high value items, knowing that the penalty to cancel and relist protects them for the listing period of their competition. You can no longer do that effectively, and frankly it was cheeze to do so to begin with.

Adapt, or leave the sellers market IMO. There is no QQing in baseball, or GTN merchandising in SWTOR.
This reminds of WoW auction house. It's really annoying when some one undercuts you by one copper in wow and are forced to list more items undercutting for one copper too. It pretty much turns into a auction house war until one party runs out of items to list or just gets tired of listing items and checking. At least now prices will more the less normalize without the nonsense I'm undercut you by 1 credit.
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