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It's a video game. Those folks don't need to be here. If you don't like it...there's the door. So sorry that bioware isn't here to tend to your every little precious need. Why don't you man up and quit if you are so high and righteous that they should be here working? Put some money where your mouth is!
I earned my rights. I gave the united stated of America 5.5 yrs of my life in the USN. I was in the gulf escorting tankers on my FFG after the Stark insident and During the Vincennes insident. We had iranian speed boats armed with rpgs and 50 cal machine guns more than capable of hulling a naval vessal. I know about service and not having time off with my family. I worked an online service. I understand about not having time with ones family. I have personal experience. I know what I am speaking about. I know what sacrifice is. Do you?

You are a very bitter person from the tone of your writing.