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Are people still arguing over Revan? Wow, pathetic. Revan was who you wanted him/her to be. Is s/he weak? Your doing. Did s/he bang one of his/her companions? Maybe, it's all you.

Personally, my Revan, was a sexy female Asian, who got it on with Bastila (thank you mods).

Before some thick headed neanderthal starts spouting "B-but canon!!!!!!". "George Lucas said!!!!", etc
Star Wars lore/canon is laughable at best. I pity you if you take it seriously. Constantly changing, literally bringing beings back from the dead, all of the contradictions, etc.
That was the case before hand, but Revan now isn't a blank slate anymore. So yes canon does matter in the case of Revan, being that he has a face, and information about him. You can't go off of what any person made, because its not Revan there is no blank slate anymore.
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