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Bioware is giving me the message that if I'm not paying then I will be penalysed. Do you really want to give that message to new players ?.
If you are NOT paying for the game, you would be penalized... is it that obvious? F2P, they said you could do quests all the way up to 50, they didnt say you would get a total free game and thats including quick slots.
You say you have to sub.. sub one month. is 15$ that bad because if it is that bad for you maybe you shouldnt be spending money on games, internet, monitor, a great pc among other things.
The way i see it, i spend 15$ for 2 hours at the movies, which arent that great so I could easily spend 15$ for a whole month of gameplay.
Even if your complaint is legit, I cannot see the complaint simply because I do pay. I dont play flashpoints. All I am doing now is working on my 4th 50 and I do wz's all the time on most of my characters. To me, thats enough to pay 15$ a month just so I do not need to be creative in how i use my coins. I can just play without penalty. I like my slots, I like my crew skills, I like my gear and all the wz's i can play. I play around 60 hours a month. 15$ for 60 hours is a deal to me.
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