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Quote: Originally Posted by Commissar_Omega View Post Now onto captain face roll above me. First of all a lightning strike wrath crit hits for over 2k. That's about 1.8 or so crit force lightning ticks. When chain procs off of it if you hit just 2 targets for 1800 you've exceeded what face rolling force lightning would have done in less time. You might say "what about when chain doesnt proc". That's why you use every proc instead of derp festing the force lightning key. It adds up.
Yeah, was playing the lighting/madness spec since 1.3 until very recently. The usage of lighting strikes is a DPS loss. You are right in that critted lightings could deliver some punch but usually this is somewhere in the vicinity of 900-1300 dmg hence a DPS loss. The chain lighting proc is nice but majority of your critical targets are specced for AOE dmg reduction. So yes, blasting other sorcerers with this specs is fun. When I changed the armorings for assassin ones which gave me cd reduction on recklesness and 3 charges on recklesness, It became fun because less experienced melee chars were quite surprised by the fact that you can dish out 15k dmg in 3 force lightings in 8 seconds. So yes, your 1v1 chances are probably the best of all builds however, if you're not god like with positioning and LOSing (if you are that, you're better off playing other class, where your impact would be even higher), you are unwanted in ranked as you are liability due to light armor and lack of defense. in that any DPSers with brains would jump you in pair and smash you on the spot. dead in 5 seconds and no active play whatsoever. Sorcerer as of now needs some development love to be viable. There is an OP sorcerer spec as of now which is corruption/lighting (up to innervate and backlash) which is virtually unkillable and your presence at ranked games would be welcome but this spec is broken and the stun bubble will be nerfed