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Yes he does, that's the point. The quick bar slots are a vital function in this game like any other similar mmo's that exist online. At higher levels you need to slots to access your character functions. So yes his complaints matters, to me anyways and he's right about it too.

Imagine if Bioware made restricions to other UI functions like the map for example or the chat window. Those 2 tools which "could" be removed because the player needs them and uses them all the time. It would cost 500 cartel coins to get them to function and appear. The UI MUST BE 100% functionnal at all times because the player needs it to play correctly especially at high levels. I can imagine the kind of complaints Bioware would get. So with your kind of thinking, you wouldn't mind...which doesnt make sense to me.

So sorry if I'm insulting you but you seem to not have lots of knowledge on F2P business model, mmo's and games in general because if you did, you wouldn't dare start a reply on this... really, any "good" gamer out there knows how important the UI is. Most of the time, the UI will determine the success of the game entirely.

Gameplay restriction is one thing but UI is a whole different story. In terms of F2P, swtor is one of the most restrictive games I have ever seen in my life. Getting reminded constantly that I have to pay to get this functionality working is already a pain. Bioware is giving me the message that if I'm not paying then I will be penalysed. Do you really want to give that message to new players ?

Some advice here, remove this restriction on the UI and let the player "consume" the whole game completely until level 50. Then if he wants more, let him pay more. Thats the way f2p should be. Not the other way around. Right now, people are penalysed because they dont pay for certain features.

PS: I do pay for some f2p games which are fine but this one has some pretty wierd f2p business model and "subliminal" message going around.
no you don't seem to understand. He bought the collectors edition. Which means he got well over 1,000 cartel coins.

That means he can use that to purchase the quick slot bars and anything else he needs.

Look at it this way not everyone needs the quick slot bars. So they gave him 1,000 cartal coins to decide how he wants to play. THey could have given him the quick slot bars and 0 cartel coins.