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11.20.2012 , 02:09 AM | #6
The biggest issue I faced was having enough force available to take out the irregularity that spawned on my platform. I can usually manage to pump out heals with a relatively neutral rotation as long as I don't drop below about 100 force, and found myself entering the irregularity phases at that level. But DPS saps that in no time, and I had nothing left to DPS or heal with. My solution was to enter "force regen mode" upon entry to Phase 2. Basically, channel heal every time it was off CD whether healing was needed or not followed by a regen followed by a HoT on myself or mend, while putting bubbles on the tank and roaming DPS in my spare time. With this, I was able to work back up to about 50% force by the time the irregularity spawned and had no issues taking it out, and had more than enough force leftover to spread some big heals around to get the raid back up after the irregularities.
One advantage of having two sorcs in my group (not sure what your raid comp is) is that we can stand on the same platform right up until the second tentacle dies or an anomaly spawns and trade off aoe usage, with help us both with force restoration. If you only have one sorc, though, that wouldn't be as useful because sorcs are the only glass that sacrifice health for resource gain.

Because healing is oddly light on the second phase, I often times use recklessness and/or my power adrenal (biochem) to burn down the irregularity as fast as possible and evoke the most damage per resource. Rarely do the tanks see bursts of damage that aren't followed by a period of rest (scream), so the need for cool down effected heals is much less. And, if a tank messes up, its mostly designed to kill them no matter what you do. As a healer in general, I tend to err on the side of dpsing too much and not looking at people's health (mostly just easier content like flashpoints). Thus I look forward to the irregularity phase as it is a case where a healer's dps is "tested," so to speak.