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We aren't whining, MoXboss isn't whining, right now we're just sharing desperation about he difficulty.
Now, the thing that are annoying both him and myself is that because we 16 man guilds have had a depressingly slower progression than the 8 man guilds, we have been being looked down upon because the community consensus is that "8 man is more difficult than 16 man" without many of the people claiming this having run 16 man content.

I want 2 things: the thought that our guilds are bad because we're going slower in 16 man.
and I want people to be encouraged to run 16 man content because I WANT COMPETITION.
Messores was founded to be a competitive PvE guild, and we're losing competition because most of the 16 man guilds have quit.

I don't want bragging rights over 8 man guilds, I don't want elitism either way, but I certainly don't want being called out on the fleet as a "****** PvE guild" because we're only 1/4 NiM EC.
I think the problem with this entire game is the fact that players are too competitive on either side of the spectrum, from 8-man to 16-man. It doesn't make any guild better than anyone else just because they clear content in a certain way or not. Every single guild that is currently in this instance (and more than likely posting on this thread) is a guild that cares about downing some of the most challenging PVE content the game has to offer. I agree with saying that 16-man is more challenging, as after downing the content in that raid experience it makes 8-man feel less satisfying (I know TFB was quite a joke to heal on 8-man after doing 16-man). However, that is not to say 8-man guilds should not feel a sense of accomplishment. It is true that 16-man guilds bash the 8-mans all the time by saying they are useless until they run 16-man, and I have seen the other side as well as Dragonbgone says. Heck, I have seen it on our server alone. But does that mean that guild is a useless one? Nah, I don't believe that; I think everyone should be proud of the accomplishments they do, regardless what challenge setting they look for.

Because a guild "downs" an instance first does not make that guild better than anyone else in this game, and if you do believe that I apologize. Rankings really aren't relevant based on time, in fact really not at all from how I view this game. I mean in all honestly as Chosen's member said in a previous post, it's hard to find members at certain raid times. Our raid schedule as with every other guild is different. I mean if you REALLY care about downing something and being the best, everyone would have been in the instance from the time the servers hit until they downed the entire instance, even if that meant when servers went down at 2:00am CST. They would have waited the 2 hours of downtime, and jumped right back into the instance at 4:00am CST until they downed it again, but nobody really does that. With the holiday week coming up, our guild only has 2 nights to raid this week as most of our members are leaving town. Does that mean that any other guild sucks because they didn't spend every waking moment downing the stuff?

What I care to see is guilds who have downed the content. Everyone has their own play style and I am sure that
it is nice to record a time of a kill, but be real, some people have more time to play this game then others; don't judge skill based on how fast it takes you to down something. With that being said, don't judge a guild's skill based on if they ran it in 8-man or 16-man; we all work hard to help others and down the content. What matters is seeing which guilds can be friendly to the community on the matter, help others, and still be an awesome guild. I mean raids become less important as time goes on. Nobody brags about EC HM anymore with the content being downed, as nobody really cares about that raid anymore. Eventually as this game progresses, nobody will care about TFB, and so on and so forth as more content is released. For that reason, just be happy you are even running this Operation on Nightmare!

I know plenty of guilds from the Pot5 server that are extremely cool, both Imperial and Republic! Most of the Imperial guilds such as MOX and Chosen (and previously CKN) downed stuff before Severity even downed the content as at the time of TFB we were the only 16-man running on the Republic side until Messores came into the 16-man group later on down the road. However, do I loathe over these guilds downing the content before me if they do or our guild because a "ranking" system that Darkae makes tells me that? No I don't as I am just happy they down it and we represent our server to the best of its ability. There are some skilled players in all of those guilds, just like I see in mine. Do I think these guilds are better than me because they down something earlier in a week than we may? I hope not as I believe we are all very capable guilds at downing content, it just shows that some of us have more time to raid during a week than others. I love talking to the players from the Pot5 16-man guilds, just like I love talking to players from the 8-man spectrum as well (in fact I know Nezra is one of the nicest Imperial players I know from that side ). In all, I am proud of our guilds from any challenge content and I would hope players in other communities would not bash a guild just because they run something in 8-man, keeping in mind you're speaking to a 16-man guild member who plays with 4 different healers on every class (2 of them the same just a different faction! ). Speaking of which, if any 16-man Imperial guilds want to recruit on Pot5 >>...

In all, every guild should feel good about their accomplishments. 8-man guilds should be happy they have downed content and try to aim for that 16-man group, while 16-man guilds should realize that 8-man guilds are able to enjoy the content like anyone else and shouldn't look down on someone's skill level because they are "not doing the instance in 16-man."

I wish everyone good luck in downing the instance, and honestly, my competition comes from the Pot5 server as a whole downing the content before everyone else on other servers! Ha, but that's just me. Anyways I hope everyone can still have fun with this, without letting competition think they are better than anyone else. Everyone is very skilled who does this and I am sure nobody is better than anyone else in that respect, so be proud you are even doing this and ABLE to do this in the first place, regardless of what you run it on as this difficulty is not for public made groups in any fashion.

Anyways, there's my long tale on the matter. Heh, I ramble.