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erm, no, in 16 bring 2 operative healers and you have more resses than in 8, for sure. Ever heard of stealth ress? They even reduced the cooldown of "vanish"
If anyone dies at any point on 16m NiM tanks, it's already a wipe. Your ignorance to this is the prime reason your input can't be taken seriously in this thread because you clearly haven't done it.

There are super rare exceptions to deaths being a wipe, like a battle res at the exact right point, but even then the DPS loss is apparent and is a tough hurdle to overcome for enrage timer. We'll be posting a video of our tanks kill soon just to show you how close that enrage timer is (hint: we won with roughly 1 second to spare... 16 members with near BiS gear and great parses).

There is 0 potential to stealth res in this fight. All irrelevant since we only brought 1 stealth class anyway (1 healing op).
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