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Thanks for the replies.

I haven't healed Dread Guard or Kephess in hard mode yet, but I did get the last boss down with my guild tonight (our first kill, btw). The story of a backup healer I guess.

Phase 1 was pretty typical tank and spank heals. Maybe a little more tank healing required than I expected, but certainly manageable. Phase 2 I found to be pretty easy from a healing perspective. We had a single DPS tasked with taking out anomalies, so for the most part healing is focused on one of the two tanks or that DPS.

The biggest issue I faced was having enough force available to take out the irregularity that spawned on my platform. I can usually manage to pump out heals with a relatively neutral rotation as long as I don't drop below about 100 force, and found myself entering the irregularity phases at that level. But DPS saps that in no time, and I had nothing left to DPS or heal with. My solution was to enter "force regen mode" upon entry to Phase 2. Basically, channel heal every time it was off CD whether healing was needed or not followed by a regen followed by a HoT on myself or mend, while putting bubbles on the tank and roaming DPS in my spare time. With this, I was able to work back up to about 50% force by the time the irregularity spawned and had no issues taking it out, and had more than enough force leftover to spread some big heals around to get the raid back up after the irregularities.

The other issue was the healer agro at the entry to phase 2. I decided rather than leading off with a direct heal when I saw damage occur (a habit from my commando medic days), sages are better off just bubbling the tanks and healers. Since bubbles don't seem to count as heals as far as agro is concerned, this gave enough of a buffer for the tanks to build agro before I needed to start casting real heals. And in case the other healer drew agro, the bubble would absorb a fair bit of the damage.