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11.19.2012 , 09:40 PM | #960
1 minute is too short but if you make it 3-5 minutes AND!!! you allow mixed faction teams then most of the time this will solve the problem.

PLEASE REMEMBER PEOPLE swtor will not have cross server q's for awhile and I guarantee you they won't do a straight split q anytime soon without cross server. I'm not trying to be rude it is just the likelyhood of this is very low. Also, you will not get a huge following for this idea to make them want to in the first place.

The only logical course of action is to get behind a decent matchmaking system with mixed faction teams and push this hard. The mediocre premaders won't speak out too much against this idea since they don't really have any ground to stand on (besides admitting they want to pugstomp only). Also you will get the people that like to premade when they know they will fight other premades (like me) and the currently bored decent to good premaders.