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FYI, your post will be greatly overlooked due to its length and inefficient paragraphing. You may want to go over it and pare it down and/or write a short summary (TL;DR) at the end.

character creation customization...

I just do not see a need. From a logical perspective:

1) If you do the math there is something like 250,000+ possible combinations of all the character features, for each race and each gender. Nine races, and two genders, that's 4.5 million combinations of character customization.

2) If I had to guess...80% of the population could care less. They hit randomize and click OK. They want to play the game.

Additional races...

this is what expansion content is for. That being said, we will NEVER see "yoda's race" playable, for several reasons, but most notably is the technological limitation of having to redo a prohibitive amount of content to compensate for a short race like that; if you want it done right then ALL the conversation cutscenes would have to be redone with the NPCs looking down at the character.

I had trouble reading your color crystal portion hence the first statement.