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11.19.2012 , 03:33 PM | #46
I think the main problems with this argument thus far are:

1. People are using quotes from 8 months ago ...
2. From an almost entirely different development team ...
3. About their intentions

Simple math, as Donal has shown, shows that 16 man requires higher DPS. Other obvious things would make 16 man harder (16 people coordinating - it is harder to see certain effects when you have more people on the map and therefore some people can get lost in mechanics - on certain fights that require separation there is less room on the map to move - etc.).

The truth is, the fights are usually balanced on 8 man, because that is what is available on the testing servers. When it comes down to it, the dev team is not doing a proper job scaling it up to 16. Again, as Donal pointed out, if total health on Z+T is 2M for 8 man, it should be approximately 4.4M for 16 man (not 5M).