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11.19.2012 , 02:39 PM | #956
Ok, I play PVP alone since march. Never group with anybody. Except did 3 times RWZ with randoms :/

I have 4 chars on rep side and have 1 on imp side already. I play PuGs on both sides as I said but that's ridiculous - both sides say other side is much better and face premades 80% of time! It's even worse for imps side because they face imp-imp 70% of all games and at the prime time most of those games are vs premades. It's like system do 1 random team and group against premades. I don't believe it couldnt make 2nd random team on both sides. It happens most of times.

Just got fight when opposit team made each over 450k dmg (their healers did 1mil+ in summary) and ours was 300k maximum! Furthemore - never seen those nicks fighting by Jedi month ago or nowadays in my group as Sith.

So it clear explains, ones are old returned now or newly geared but premades.
I dont care though, I just want them be removed from normal WZs totally. Best solution can be randomizer which makes grouping by equal gearing, meaning team 1 has 10000 of armor ratings, team 2 has 9500 - 10500 ratings in total.

And finally, If people will have 3 free wz per week do you really think they will buy some more being smashed all 3 free times?

P.S. And yes, now I avoid "after-daily-reset" fights. I do it starting in morning till reset. Evening time is just continious resurection. :/
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