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The other team was just bad. If a team has that many healers, the dps need to focus down targets one at a time. If the dps cannot coordinate themselves to attack a single target, or if their dps is too weak to burn down said target, then they are simply bad dps. No healer, or even a group of 4 healers, can keep a single target up if its being focused by the opposing team's dps, especially if they are focusing a healer and interrupting their heals.

Please don't suggest healing nerfs without properly understanding strategy.
lol you act like killing healers is some incredibly effortless feat. Let alone a healer that has the support of 3 others all properly geared and criting for 5-6k (Not even counting medpacs). That's how we won, the other team was focusing on our healers in an absoltely futile effort.

You're talking to me about, strategy? You do realize the opposing team was being attacked by us, while trying to focus the healers, right? It wasn't just them vs the healers. Yeah, you can interrupt their heals, but it's not an easy task when you're being attacked/stunned/killed by the Healer's support group. I was hitting them for 5-6k crits of damage myself, making sure they weren't around long enough to do any real damage.

Maybe you should learn more abut strategy before arrogantly suggesting that others have no clue. Hm?