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So I was watching the latest episode of the Clone Wars when I came across something interesting. The latest arc of episodes revolves around a group of younglings building their first lightsabers. The place where they built those lightsabers is a ship very reminiscent of the Jedi Defender in the TOR. But that wasn't the easter egg. While watching it I happened to notice this:

Nice little nod to TOR. Aside from this I've noticed a few other small things over the seasons. I saw an ancient KotOR era Mandalorian helmet one episode. Then there was also Pre Vizsla mentioning how his ancestors stole his darksaber from the Jedi temple during the "fall of the Old Republic."

Anyone else noticed anything interesting that you want to share?
Wow, Nice find! I actually noticed this when I watched the episode. But it never clicked that it was the Old Republic sign, I just though "Republic" then it went out again. I suppose this must mean the ship is from the Old Republic era. And after checking the Wookiepedia site it says this about the ship (called the Crucible by the way)
Huyang stated that he survived on the ship for over a thousand years, thus making he and the ship date back to the Old Republic Era. The ship also had Old Republic markings to support this.
So all we need to see is this guy Huyang in SWTOR! That would be so cool!