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Greetings Aberd,

Game Update 1.5 has been quite a large one and character transfers in any form has not yet become available. As per previous requests for an update on this we, at this point ask you to continue monitoring the website for news as it will be fairly big news when it becomes available and you will not be able to miss it.

Thank you for playing Star Wars: The Old Republic
You know, me and couple of my friend are waiting for server transfer since January. We got separated when the game was released, due to server queues and our availability. As we hoped that the server transfer will come sooner rather than later, we kept playing apart not really wanting to abandon our progress.
11 months later and still nothing… saddest part is that the last time we played together was during beta.

So what is holding this feature up?
Don’t you think EA would be quite happy to squeeze some extra money from their customers with this service?