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11.19.2012 , 11:56 AM | #27
1. More customization and re-customization is never a bad thing. Perhaps also with ability effects, like their color and such.

2. Sandbox elements. Much more open planets, open space, world objectives that encourage revisiting planets, world objectives that encourage PvP.

3. Deeper world interaction. More dynamic mob behavior like running away and surrendering (which counts as defeating them), sittable chairs, actual reasons to get social areas like cantinas and casinos populated.

4. Consolidate skills into ones with multiple context-sensitive effects. Let me use the same skill for lightsaber attacks and punching depending on what weapon I have equipped. Same for blaster-users.

5. Alts as companions and/or shared alts' companions. I'll never make any character other than a Shadow. I can use T7 and a Jawa? Maybe I WILL reroll after all!