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11.19.2012 , 10:43 AM | #299
Meh - I think SORC/SAGE class has been nerfed enough in this game. Playing a SORC in PVP is almost useless now and people want to nerf what's left? I play my SORC in PVP and spend a portion of my time throwing bubbles and ranged damage. Yeah, really fun to spend time being stunned with two MDPS in your face constantly. But it's my favorite class and I'll keep playing. I still manage to rake in the Medals and Comm's. Hopefully BW will get things a tad more even someday. (Until then less and less of this class will be doing PVP for lack of fun factor)

NERF the MELEE if you want to QQ about unfair advantage. If I want to be lazy I just hop on my under geared MARA and wipe out the bubble casting SORC/SAGE's with a face roll on my keyboard. Lets be real here - BW isn't going to nerf that class for obvious "catering to the lazy" FOTM.

IDEA: Balance out PVP matches by Expertise level. (IE: 0-900, 901-1100 and 1101+)
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