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I am wondering just how many people do the planet bonus missions as they are doing the story line? If you do why and which planet (without spoiling the story) have you enjoyed?

Bonus missions reward exp comparable to standard missions. The bonus missions with stages reward even more exp.
I've done almost every bonus mission from Korriban to Corellia. Most bonus missions have you kill the same type of mob over and over again. It's boring when several bonus missions tell you to kill the same mob. It becomes monotonous.

The planets I enjoyed the most had greater variation:

Dromund Kaas

The following planets are the worst when it comes to excessively dull, repetitive bonus missions.

Tython - too many Flesh Raiders
Tatooine - too many Sand People
Taris - too many Rakghouls
Belsavis - too many Esh-kha
Voss - too many Gormak
Corellia - too many of the opposing faction