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11.19.2012 , 08:39 AM | #1
A little context about me so you can see where I am coming from, I have two max level crafters
1) Synthweaver
2) Armormech

I love them both. However I have recently noticed it is far faster, and cheaper to churn out augment kits with my armormech.

Synthweaver (making bracers/belts) requires 22 crystals, 22 artifact fragments, 22 cortosis substrates (I'm ignoring the fact that R/E returns some mats).
Archaeology typically has the following missions at max level: 1 mission that returns a lot of crystals, 1 moderate, 1 for a lot of artifacts, 1 for a lot of color crystals, 1 for a moderate amount of cortosis.

Armormech (again bracers and belts) requires 22 metal, 22 compounds, 22 fluxes (again ignoring r/e)
Scavenging however typically has 2 missions for lots of metal, 1 mission for lots of compounds, 1 mission for moderate compounds, and 1-2 missions for lots of flux (that are a level lower than max level!)

It is far faster to collect the materials for the armormech than for the synthweaver not even considering the fact I collect metals from fallen droids.

It seems to me that these two skills are not balanced (at least in relation to the ability to churn out augment kits) I would love to hear an official response as to whether this is working as intended. I don't have any end game experience with the other crafting professions, if you do, please chime in on how your skill compares with the two above when it comes to augment kits.