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make sense, somehow, but tbh, most of guilds that killed kephess so quick were ppl that avoided first 3 bosses with hm lockout, so i dont see a achievment on that, tanks are rly a hard fight to get thru without the right strategy
Most guilds? Tell me one . There are only 7 who reported the kill on him so far.
And all of these posted as well screenshots of the first 3 boss kills on nightmare as well.
Dont accuse someone if you cant prove it.

And it seems you dont know what you talk about. the First 3 bosses are not this much harder on nightmare as they are on hard mode.
Just one new mechanic on each boss dont make this a whole new event (as they announced it will be).

Kephess is just different because each phase got a new mechanic. So it add up to a new level, because you have to find out difference on each phase.

About the ranking system, well. What you want is a system that list the guild by kill of the last boss and ignore the first 3.
The time factor could cont in as well a bit to flatten it out. The 23 guilds that reported the kill of the first boss were all within less than 24 hours. And still, the difference in the points is big. So some guilds that got a early kill on the first 3 bosses but could not kill Kephess still get more points than any guild that is clearing it now (all 4).
Kephess has already a higher value. But not enough to counter a 11th-13th rank on the first 3 versus a 3rd kill on Kephess.
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