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EDIT: But today morning, when I went there again. I saw like 15 people (Reps and Imps alike) all merrily scanning the ground not two meters from each other. I said come on you have 7v8, pretty close start fighting! No, they continued to scan the ground peacefully. (Which I don't even get....aren't you supposed to buy the piece from the vendor? Can you unearth it as well, there?)
You cannot expect Open PvP event just because the ''factor'' are there. You need a catalysis.

All theses Reps and Imps looking at each others and not attacking are dead wood. Put some gaz on it and set the fire. Then you will have some fight. You need some emotions to create this kind of event. You have to create the feeling that they want to leave their REWARD quest and run after your group because they are pissed off or just because they seek justice. The Dev make an effort to put some REWARD quest inside there. They can't force people to kill each others. The open PvP depend on the community of players you have. PoT5 is a PvP server and I expect a PvP behavior from it.

So if you take a look back to the video, the cataysis is us killing every Red encounter that we see. Rep or Imp blood have the same taste. After few minutes if you have the patience you start to see some 3 v 3, 3 v 4, 3 v 6 and so on.

I think few of the complains I had on this thread miss the real message of this video. Open PvP is alive when you are trying things. We had dishonorable fight, but it was a necessity ...
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