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I suspect that unless they completely eliminate the reg wz queue and make everyone queue rated, that x-server matchmaking won't matter. I"m sure that even with x-server, the population is too thin for rated, but rated is the only system with any sort of matchmaking that can be based on reliable stats (wins/loses). we've already established that you can fool any gear check. but then you'd be creating solo queueing in rated and asking BW to do a group finder sort of thing to construct grps, and ppl cheat that all the time (e.g., a tank AC queues as tank for EV cuz 2 tanks are required, but he has no intention of tanking). either way, it's pretty bleak.

I'd give solo queues a shot. it seems more doable than the other options. it's pretty clear that BW is technically limited by the engine they're using.

please pardon me if my rambling doesn't make any sense. I'm mesmerized by the jailhouse bumble bee uniforms that the steelers are wearing. is this for real?
I can't believe they are wearing those uniforms but on another note.

I think cross server queue's will help, that's only my opionon though, I have no real facts to back that up since I can't predict the future. So far only three options been really making sense:

Solo bracket
Cross server queue's
Improved Matchmaking

If you want to save pvp from dieing, then put in the first suggestion but not without cross server queue's. I don't know the code bioware uses and I'm not part of the dev team, so if matchmaking is broken then it would help things along. Bioware can't stop at matchmaking because then you are just getting more of the same.