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11.19.2012 , 07:44 AM | #26
1. Open world on planets! - seriously open world, really open - that's what makes MMO really massive, you go where you want etc. etc. Who plays other mmos will understand me.

2. Minigames!! - pazzak, 1on1 fights:P - We got already from legacy some unarmed moves - why not making use of it and make some "Bar fights arena" :P

3. Customization of your ship - pleaseeee!:P

4. Open space combat/areas - Many said about open world space combat but imagine that if you could actually fly to other planet and control your ship all the way - but i guess it is too much for remaking game :P

5. More customization for character - everyone want to have original character! Give option to dye armor to another colors - really some chest are really cool but colors sucks. Other thing is many people want hood toggle button. Maybe add some legacy features, lets say i,ve got Rattatki at 50 lvl-and then i'm creating human sith - and in tatoos on face they are rattatki tatoos to use - just some idea personally i think that would be cool, because when it is in same legacy why not have that kind of tatoos on other character:P