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Good point OP this is a very improtant topic and low level PvP is very, very important to some. I made a post here which helps explain more in depth on how I feel about this topic.
You got me with that link even though I saw the extension on it when I hovered over it before I clicked.

Anyway. I am starting to think people look at the numbers and decide to ***** without the actual experience of it being a problem. I played a bunch of sub-50 PvP and I had no issues with any of this. Then again; I don't go around looking for the 1v1 fight much. Only exception was yesterday when I ran into an Arsenal Merc; and I just played with him. Interrupts and running around a crate in Voidstar, not even trying to kill him. Since I have a merc myself (not the toon I was using) I would have felt bad for him if I wasn't so amused.