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You're probably on of those derps who 1vs1 off in the corner in warzones, aren't ya?

There's no such thing as a fair fight. Outnumbering the enemy and using focus fire are the best PvP tactics in this game.
Actually I liked Ilum World PvP even though every day the Imperials could field 3 times the people we had. Apart from the crappy performance and the general uselessness of melee in such situations. We still have some organized Ilum PvP events believe it or not but they are usually short because way more Imperials show up than Republic players and they leave after the first clash, when they realize that they can't kill us.

The first time I tried to get to the vendor on my Guardian, there were 6 Imperials sitting around the Jawa. I thought they wouldn't attack me 6v1 or would only attack after I had a chance to buy the piece but no. Charged on sight and killed. Went in twice more and the same thing happened. "No problem" I thought, I'd ask for some help in General and after twenty minutes of asking/coercing/begging all I got was "Dude, stop spamming in general." "Dude, take your PvP problems to a PvP server." No one was interested in helping out, so I just did the other parts and waited a few hours for the Imperials to go away.

Next day, when I went there to help my friend, I saw one of the guys who caused so much annoyance the day before and my mind just boiled, so we proceeded to beat the **** **** out the poor guy. I guess he called for help because 2 minutes later a billion Imps charged down the hill and killed us. Again, I asked for help in general, again got "stop spamming, no one wants to fight stupid Imperials". It's pretty hard to enjoy OWPvP if no one wants to come to help you out.

I wish there was some unique reward for Open World PVP to entice more people to participate.

EDIT: But today morning, when I went there again. I saw like 15 people (Reps and Imps alike) all merrily scanning the ground not two meters from each other. I said come on you have 7v8, pretty close start fighting! No, they continued to scan the ground peacefully. (Which I don't even get....aren't you supposed to buy the piece from the vendor? Can you unearth it as well, there?)