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Why do people say that its stupid to buy 600$ worth of cartel coins? If money is no problem for you and swtor is one of your hobbies why is it stupid to subsidize Bioware with this purchase?
The money is not wastet cause it will pay the developers and of course the EA shareholders witch is ... a good thing!
reread Soluss' response to my query, he has a valid point, even though I think he is over-exaggerating it. The main point is that once EA/Bioware sees the money potential of Cartel Packs they may constantly release easy to make fluff items to preserve the demand while ever so slightly delaying other issues such as content releases, bug fixes and class / ability balancing. It is a fair point in that regard.

However I also like to point out that Fluff items are almost a necessity in themepark style games like SWTOR to give people things to aim for other than content completions so devs can take more time to introduce new content. Just think about it, WOW hasn't released any new content for 8 to 9 months before releasing Mists of Pandaria, and even though subscrptions dropped the game had series of extra stuff to do like gunning for more achievements, guild leveling system collecting the tons and tons of fluff items in the game and also gunning for total completion of seasonal events.
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