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I dont have a problem, spend away... spend away your mortgage for all I care (im sure someone already has). Doesnt mean that I cant laugh at it. You will see what my actual problem with it is, in due time. When people start wondering why only the cash shop is getting consistant updating and we are thrown bones for actual content. You can wonder why and why some more. Some day it will dawn on you that the Cash Shop is their money source. It is their money source from all the people that throw 200 bucks a week at it. They will update their money source well before they do anything for real content. You will see... it wont take but a few months to see through it.

Proof positive in this is they couldnt be bothered to update the CE store that was bare bones to begin with or neutral gear or the other store.. yet it didnt take them long for all those goodies in the cash shop did it?

Soon as the grab bag items dies down... they will add more items to it. Got to keep that money flow... screw that new story content or the new side content like swoop racing.
Ok fair point, even though I do think you are overexaggerating your scenario. If the actual game truly lacks content I believe no amount of fluff items will be enough to save it. People will still leave, even those who spend unreasonable amounts of dollars to cartel packs. Fluff items are a needed extra to this game, World of Warcraft is very successful with their own fluff content and it is very popular among the playerbase but for the majority of players it's never their primary aim in this game.

I do think that they won't make the mistake of constantly delaying content to rush fluff items in, that would be just stupid on their part.
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