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. . . the raiding community there also whines constantly about it. Nothing is resolved there, why do you think whining here will resolve anything?
We aren't whining, MoXboss isn't whining, right now we're just sharing desperation about he difficulty.
Now, the thing that are annoying both him and myself is that because we 16 man guilds have had a depressingly slower progression than the 8 man guilds, we have been being looked down upon because the community consensus is that "8 man is more difficult than 16 man" without many of the people claiming this having run 16 man content.

I want 2 things: the thought that our guilds are bad because we're going slower in 16 man.
and I want people to be encouraged to run 16 man content because I WANT COMPETITION.
Messores was founded to be a competitive PvE guild, and we're losing competition because most of the 16 man guilds have quit.

I don't want bragging rights over 8 man guilds, I don't want elitism either way, but I certainly don't want being called out on the fleet as a "****** PvE guild" because we're only 1/4 NiM EC.
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