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11.19.2012 , 05:01 AM | #15
What would you do? Nerf healers even more?

In this current environment, you need a minimum of two healers or a healer and a guard. One healer alone will be chain-stunned and killed quite rapidly unless the opponents are idiots.

It is stupidly easy to kill healers in this game. Interrupts are on a really short CD, and there's a plethora of stuns. The resolve change in 1.4 was a huge nerf to healers, in my opinion. It rewards uncoordinated and bad players to kill healers, regardless of how they play. Overlapping CC like an idiot? No problem. Everyone interrupting the same cast? No problem. Can't even judge how/when to use burst? Don't worry, they removed the use relics from PvP and upped the sustained damage.

So you whine about 4 healers in a Warzone. If you think that is annoying, just imagine what it's like to be the only healer in your group with no one to protect you.

Being a DPS in this game is ridiculously easy. I want 1.1 or 1.2 back. Killing stuff required some amount of thought, back then.