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There is a matchmaking/balance system "implemented", it just doesn't work because there aren't enough ranked groups. It's supposed to match similarly-ranked teams together. The fact that you don't know that, well, that just says it all re: the fact that it's broken.

The system is "intended" to form competitive matches. It is intended for people to have fun. Working as intended.

I get that you think that other teams should line up to be smashed; I just don't get why you think that anyone besides yourself (and your team) should care.
Patch 1.3 Notes:

•Pre-Season One Team Ranked Warzones are now available! Teams of 8 level 50 players can use the "Queue Team Ranked" button in the Warzone queue window to queue for a Ranked Warzone match.
•Ranked Warzones reward Ranked Warzone Commendations.
•Teams receive their Team Rating after participating in 10 Ranked Warzone matches. This rating is adjusted at the end of every Team Ranked Warzone match based on win or loss and the ratings of all other matched players.
•Leaving a Ranked Warzone before it ends counts as a loss. Declining an invitation once a match is made counts as a loss.
•Players in the queue for a Ranked Warzone can queue for a normal Warzone at the same time. Entering a normal Warzone does not remove players from the Ranked Warzone queue. If a Ranked Warzone match is found while a player is in a normal Warzone, the match is reserved until the player finishes the normal Warzone, and other players in the reserved match will not be asked to join normal Warzones

No Mention of a matchmaking system based on anything.

PvP in Game Update 1.2

Goes into what they -want- to do with ranked, which includes a matchmaking system (not unlike what I've been promoting for non-ranked). Of course, 1.2 pulled the PvP update about 16 hours before the actual update. In 1.3 there is no mention of how much of the system was implemented.

Game update 1.3

Quote: Originally Posted by Update1.3
"Ranked Warzones allow for top-level competitive play for our PvP fans. Join Ranked Warzones as part of a team of eight level 50 players, and earn recognition and rewards!"
Then I found this little gem. Look at that. It says Top-level competitive play. Not balanced matches, not even competitive matchs.. Top-Level Competitive matches. So the system -is- not intended for people to play against their friends. It's not intended for two teams to ignore others in the queue and fight each other.

If you are using Ranked, cool... but if a Top-Level Team is in the queue you either fight them, or you stop queuing. Anything else, exploit.