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If the system intended for you to be able to pick your opponents, it would have an option to form 16 people and hit "Start costum match." The system is designed that 8 people queue up, then get placed against the next 8 people in the queue (there is no matchmaking/balance system implemented.)
There is a matchmaking/balance system "implemented", it just doesn't work because there aren't enough ranked groups. It's supposed to match similarly-ranked teams together. The fact that you don't know that, well, that just says it all re: the fact that it's broken.

If you form 2 teams of 8, then leave queue every time it pops until you both get a pop at the same time, you are not using the system as intended. If you're not using it as intended, then you're exploiting it.
The system is "intended" to form competitive matches. It is intended for people to have fun. Working as intended.

I get that you think that other teams should line up to be smashed; I just don't get why you think that anyone besides yourself (and your team) should care.

I agree that they should fix it so that the matches ends early if it's empty of one team. But I don't think a technical fix is what you're asking for. (Not sure what you ARE asking for, other than other teams lining up to be smashed).
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