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Class has a lot of good tools. It also can't get around well at all and is extremely vulnerable whenever it tries to.

Only thing I don't like about the class is that flashbang's a 30m ability. That should, imo, either be a 10m ability or other classes should get their ranged stun back (and fix resolve to what it was, while you're at it). Just my opinion.
Why should it be a 10m? It's a mezz, not a stun, and it's not intended to be a defensive skill. Nor can it be used, for example, to freeze people in the fires. (Snipers' STUN is 4m. The QQ that people have about a 10m stun is just absurd.)

Your "fix" would make it pretty worthless as an ability for snipers. Which may be the goal, but **** that, I say. I'l be happy to trade flashbang 10m if our stun were expanded to 30m. Since apparently a 30m stun is appropriate.
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