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Eh. They're using the system for what they want to do (competitive matches). I don't see that as an "exploit." Fighting against a team of friends that you know is about the same strength as your team is still a "legit" match. Arguably, it is in fact more legitimate by virtue of actually being competitive. Ranked wasn't intended to be a game in which the server-best team stomped everyone else -- there's a matchmaking element intended to balance teams. No one has fun doing uneven stomps. (Or at least, I hope the server-best team isn't lame enough to enjoy that.) That element is broken, because there aren't enough ranked teams. Your team is not intended by BW to engage in such uneven matches. Arranged matches fix what's broken about the ranked system.

I wouldn't queue dodge -- it's a bit rude, because the other team has to wait out the match or lose ranking, which some people care about. Also, my epeen demands that I face bruising losses stoically. But it's hardly an "exploit."
If the system intended for you to be able to pick your opponents, it would have an option to form 16 people and hit "Start costum match." The system is designed that 8 people queue up, then get placed against the next 8 people in the queue (there is no matchmaking/balance system implemented.)

If you form 2 teams of 8, then leave queue every time it pops until you both get a pop at the same time, you are not using the system as intended. If you're not using it as intended, then you're exploiting it.

(Same applies to two 4 man premades in normal who drop queue until they both get a pop, and try to get on the same side. It's exploiting a broken system to pick your own 8 man in non-ranked.)