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Did 850k healing lately in BM gear in 1.4.

I think commandos healers are quite fine. They got best burst heal out of all healers hands down on the other hand power managment is very hard if you are healing more than 3 ppl.

The biggest problem I've experienced is actually healing with hammershot. Animation is so wrong and so crippling to commando even over to mercenary healer.

commandos are not fine, congrates on having a match where no one targets you. commandos have virtually no escape tactics, nothing like a sorc or op healer, not even close. They get interrupt immunity for 12 seconds, on a 2 minute cooldown. The knockback will just allow leapers to leap to you again. I play both a commando and op healer and I can run keep myself up against 2 good players, and sometimes 3 bads, and if everything goes south ill just stealth. Sorc/sage cc is incredible and just ridiculous. So one match you got 850k (dont think you did, since commandos dont have good aoe healing like ops and sorcs) of which it was either from a full length voidstar or a full battle over mid for alderaan. 1 WZ doesnt mean the class is fine.
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