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1) So how many packs have you bought so far?
2) If you bought packs, did you get what you were hoping for more or less?
3) Have you or are you planning to purchase cartel coins to buy packs?
4) What would you like to see added or changed about the cartel market?

Feel free to share what you got in your pack(s) on the roundup I've started. Thank you.
1) I've actually bought 28 so far (will probably even buy more later)
2) More or less yes, I got the speeders (except the one I REALLY wanted, the throne chair), also got some nice pets...
3) I've bought 2 refills of CC, the 5500 ones, used most of it on packs, but I also used some of it for stuff like Rocket Boost, droid vendor for my ship, some new gear to make my assassin tank finally look like a proper tank not just a dude in a dress... There's also some other stuff that I'm probably gonna buy later for my "free" sub rewarded coins...
4) I dont like the fact that I get so much of of the same loot over and over... I now have 4 of the Covert Torso Energy Armor, i have 6 of the Elegant loungewear Bottoms, 2 of the hat and 2 of the chest, I've also gotten several of the imp and rep banners, 3 sets of the Trailblazers lower armoring boxes, 6 purple/pink crystals, 4 longspur elite mounts (altho the mounts im just gonna send over to my alts )
I would have liked better if they had taken the experiance and social boost, companion gifts and crafting mats out of the crimelord pack