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11.19.2012 , 02:43 AM | #34
Since when is pvp supposed to be honorable? When is anyone on the Empire supposed to be? Really I still see it no different than someone jumping into a warzone in PVE gear (yeah it still happens) or trying to hold a door on his own. You go into a World PVP area expect to get attacked on PVE servers and even more so on PVP servers if you are going to cry about it than read the message and don't go in or get off a PVP server.

Get a group put on your PVP gear (you should have at least Recuit since they gave it too you) and go get the part. If you get ganked you will not be alone, when you spawn at the med center group up. Running back in alone is only going to gank you again. We grouped up tonight to take the jawa back from some republic toons who were camping, they killed us we killed them it was great fun. What open World PVP should be.