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So I've noticed a trend where if 3-4 healers enter a warzone they can literally prevent a single death by the sheer number of round-robin healing. Not just prevent death, but keep players from getting anywhere near below 50%.

Granted, I do enjoy not dying (I actually got 700k damage on Novare Coast, and I'm 50/50 WH/BM, not even near BiS yet). but it just doesn't seem right when the scoreboard pops up and your entire team has goose eggs for deaths. That same game, one of our healers put up nearly 700k and the other two were in the 400-500k range.

It seems like there should be some diminishing returns when healers begin doubling/tripling/quadrupling off each other's outputs. With crits of 5-6k from 3-4 healers doing this simultaneously, you can easily understand why Death is forced into being a benchwarmer.

I understand they don't want to discourage people from specing healers, but it really messes up Warzones when Incredibly geared healers can just grant [GOD MODE] to their entire team.
Patch 1.4 brought chain stunning so use it lol.
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