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This- everyone (except marauders) have been saying that mara is grossly OP since 1.2, yet BW hasn't done anything to deal with that in the slightest. The pvp community lost faith with them a very long time ago because BW not only did nothing, they buffed up the mara until they had 3 viable specs- while ignore classes that didn't have one. Why expect them to know what they're doing suddenly?

Sorcs have been posting essay length descriptions on everything wrong with the class since the 1.2 nerf that completely annihilated their damage, mobility and survivability- and of all the things that were asked for- from mobile casting to harder hitting 31 point skills to dot protection to a faster heal to a consumption system that is good enough for players to go full healing rather than having to go lightning effusion. Or scaling on par with the rate that melee dps scales with gear.

Nobody was asking for more CC. Of course, with how awful BW's thought process has been with the sorc- I'd like to not see another nerf because they aren't going to balance- they'll just nerf hammer them into the ground again and kill off the already pitiful number of them left.

This game's CC is off the charts for all classes though- resolve needs to simply effect all CC- snares, roots, stuns, mezzes, interrupts. Stop making it so that someone can be chain shut down- nobody likes staring at the screen useless as endless CC is applied to them.
I agree that sorcs needed help, but this change is just stupid. Why, oh why, can you I be stunned nearly 5 times in succession before my resolve gets close to filling? Never mind that it continues to deplete while I am stunned and in between stuns, which only makes it take longer. Add roots on top of that and I'm essentially a saber wielding totem pole. Stack the RETARDED resolve change on top of that and a WZ vs. lightning sorcs may as well be slitting my wrists.
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