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11.18.2012 , 11:45 PM | #26
wow.... a lot of angry people on these forums....

All i really wanted to know was if there was any way around it or to check if names were actually taken. I didn't expect to get any hate for it. The names i'd chosen weren't anything star wars either, and admittedly some were a little more common but then again some weren't so it surprised me when even those were gone, although no one really answered if there was a way to check if a name was taken or not. Or is it the basic "if it doesn't work, it's taken" method?

One of the better ways i've seen to do the naming is to base it off of your username, so instead of being "boba fett" you'd be "boba fett@hanshotfirst" which gives a lot more freedom when it comes to the naming as well as allowing you to add friends by user instead of per character. They even have an option to let you turn off @names so you only see the boba fett part.